I have been playing analog music professionally since 2005.

First, there was Dangermart; I helped found that band and we were active from about 2003 till its dissolution in 2006. We played shows all around the Washington, from Tacoma to Bellingham to Yakima to Aberdeen. We released one EP, ‘Five Finger Discount’ in 2005 (now out of print)

Then, in 2006, I founded Golden Robot Army. That band was active primarily until 2010, although we made a few sporadic appearances afterwards. We played all over the Pacific Northwest, and even a short tour of Japan! We made a movie about it, you can watch it for free here. We released an EP ‘Like Lightning’ in 2007, an acoustic EP ‘The SPU Sessions’ in 2008, an album ‘You Will Be Safe’ in 2009, and a Japan-only 3-song EP (good luck finding one of those!) in 2010.

In 2011 I was playing in the Benjamin Doerr Band and accidentally helped found St Paul de Vence; I helped develop and played on the self titled debut album, which was picked up by KEXP and enjoyed a nice window of popularity for that year, including daily airplay, sold out Triple Door shows, and a main-stage slot at Bumbershoot. I parted amicably with the band in 2013 before their second album to focus on my own music and the impending birth of my son.

Now, I have a new project! The Portsiders is a group I founded with some old friends to play a mix of American music we like to call ‘Cascadiana’ (get it? like ‘americana’ but with a PNW feel!). We incubated very slowly, and put out our first EP, ‘ALBATROSS’ in 2017, before my twin daughters were born.

It’s available at our website for free download, on iTunes, Spotify and even on Pandora! We play shows sporadically; check our website or Twitter for more information!


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